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PTFE Multicore Cable

GEEKORE PTFE Insulated multi-core Cables are one of the most preferred cables for applications where high temperature, wide change in current, miniature size, reliable performance and /or worst ambient condition is a compulsion. Our specialty in multicore cables is controlled weight and diameter, with superior leakage current and insulation resistant values and application based cable design facility.

Depending upon the application and variety, the formation of multicore cable varies
Versatile code for multicore cables
Hookup wire part no. + No. of core/Pairs + Code for cores/pairs/triads + Code for Isolator + Code for individual / common shield + Code for type of shield and material + Code for Jacket material + Code for Jacket color
Code for AWG 24/7/32 SPC, E, 4 Pair twisted , Kapton isolator, Unsintered PTFE Isolator, SPC Shield, PTFE Jacket will be 7H32SE4PKTUCSBPTK
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Conductor Coding
SPC (Silver Plated Copper) for upto 2000C working temperature S
NPC (Nickel Plated Copper) for upto 2600C working temperature N
ABC (Annealed Bare Copper) for low cost appliction B
Primary Insulation
PTFE in solid and bicolour (type ET-205 V, E-600 V and EE-1000 V)
Twisted core C
Twisted Pairs P
Twisted Triads, T
Kapton polyimide taper / PTFE Tape cushion
SPC Single braiding for coverage up to 95 %, Reduces EM Interference SB
SPC Double braiding for coverage up to 99 %, Reduces EM Interference DB
SPC Foil with drain wire for 100% coverage SF
SPC serve shield to increase flexibility SS
Jacket Material
PTFE Jacket for cable diameter up to 15-mm max. PT
Varnished fiber glass braiding for higher ambient temperature FG
FRLS PVC / PUR Jacket for low ambient temperature and higher outer diameter PV

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