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EPR Insulated & Sheathed Cables

Geekore offers a complete range of EPR Sheathed elastrometric cables, which are heat resistant, oil resistant & flame retardant wires & cables from 0.25 sq. mm to 240 sq. mm Single & Multi Core Cables Upto 1100 Volts


Wires And Cables For Special Applications

ZHFR Wires

Comparison Between Properties of Various Compounds
Features Normal PVC Wire Heat Resistant HR PVC Fire Retardant Low Smoke FRLS Zero Halogen Low Smoke
Insulation Material PVC PVC Spl. PVC Spl. Polymer
Insulation Property Normal Good Good Very good
Temperature Rating 70oC 85oC 70oC 85oC
Thermal Stability Normal Very Good Good Very Good
Flame Retardancy Good Good Very Good Excellent
Safety During Burning Average Average Good Excellent
Requirement of Oxygen to Catch Fire (% in air ) >21 >21 >30 >35
Temperature Required to Catch Fire (with 21 % oxygen ) Room Temp. Room Temp. >250oC >300oC
Visibility during Cable burning (%) <20 <20 >40 >80
Release of Halogen Gas during burning (% by weight) <20 <20 <20 Zero
Abrasion Resistance during Installation Good Good Good Good

Fire Survival Cables

Fire Survival and Circuit Integrity
Fire survival cables are cables that are designed to continue to operate for a defined minimum period of time during a fire. They are also known in the North American market as circuit integrity cables, since these are used in circuits that must be able to maintain their integrity during a fire. Many manufacturers refer to these products as “fire resistant” cables. Traditionally, the main application for fire survival cables was in fire alarm systems, as in some countries it is a requirement that such cables must continue to operate for a specified period in the event of a fire. In addition to fire alarm systems, these types of cable may also be used in other safety-critical wiring circuits, such as those powering emergency lighting and sprinkler pumps.

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