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Submersible Winding Wires

We manufacture Multicore cables for Wet type motors. These motors have advantage over oil filled motors due to their simple construction. The windings of wet type motor are continually in contact with liquids which are more or less aggressive. For this reason the wire insulation has to be water tight and should be able to withstand physical abuse. With our experience and expertise we have developed special compound which has: We offer following types of multicore cables

G.K.Enterprises (P) Ltd.
PVC Insulated Winding Wires
The PVC insulated winding wire is being manufactured with specially developed compound which can withstand voltage fluctuations and has very high insulation resistance even at elevated temperatures.
Wrapped Winding Wires
These wires are being manufactured by wrapping process using synthetic films. These types of wires have outstanding electrical; mechanical and chemical properties and can withstand water abrasion and frictional losses, saves space/size cost and work in all type of weather conditions, in water filled submersible motors.
Technical features
The Following tests are carried out on 100% of every production lot
Mechanical and Electrical Tests

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